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The Healthy Workplace works to improve the lives of everyone at work creating thriving people and prosperous businesses.

People are at the centre of business success.  When employees are happy, healthy and engaged they can bring their best selves to work and their best work to your organisation.  Sadly, too many people work in jobs they dislike and for people that make them unhappy.  Gallop research shows 7 out of 10 workers are disengaged, turning up to work but not giving much more than the bare minimum to keep their jobs, killing time, sleepwalking through the day and some are even actively undermining co-workers.


Workplace stress and its negative effects on health and wellbeing are also at an all-time recorded high.  The direct cost is estimated at 15% of payroll, but when you add in presenteeism (being physically on the job but not performing) and productivity loss the cost rises to approximately 25 – 35% of wages.  It has got to the point where it is too expensive not to invest in strategies to help. 


High stress and low employee wellbeing (an employee’s ability to feel good and function effectively at work) are particularly key in small to medium enterprises where every minute an employee underperforms or is unable to work represents a huge cost to the employer.   Impacts can include increasing stress; disrupting others’ work and adding to their workload; hurting morale – leading to the need for more overtime and increased training costs, and decreased team quality and performance.  For a company to perform well, it needs healthy people and the fewer healthy people you have, the worse your business outcomes.  


Whilst there are no ‘quick fixes’ for helping people thrive at work, there are simple strategies and initiatives that can help all employees feel more engaged, energised, creative, persistent, resilient and less likely to burn out. Successful wellbeing strategies have been shown to achieve a 15%+ increase in productivity levels. In other words, any investment you make quickly pays for itself.


The Healthy Workplace creates effective and unique workshops, learning experiences, coaching and interactive materials to help employees and businesses achieve sustainable success. We combine decades of experience in wide-ranging disciplines and the latest research to bring a fresh approach towards changing lives and businesses for good.  We invite you to join us to help your employees and organisation thrive! 


Happy, healthy and engaged employees are more productive and cost less.

We have developed a holistic approach that combines well-researched, sustainable solutions with the practicalities of running a business. Our work is underpinned by world-leading, evidence-based frameworks that empower people and companies to succeed. Before we work out the best way to achieve this, we start by evaluating your company’s current position and find out what’s really impacting on the stress, resilience, communication, wellbeing and productivity of staff. This provides you with key information as to where support is needed most. We then provide clear and practical support to help you kick-start initiatives and build a programme involving workshops, coaching, videos and learning opportunities that will both enhance your staff’s performance and suit your company’s needs. Our unique measurement tool then enables us to assess ongoing improvements over time to show you a clear Return on Investment. No matter where your organisation is on its wellbeing journey, The Healthy Workplace’s solutions will promote a higher level of employee engagement, empower decision-making through actionable insights, inspire behaviour change, drive the business outcomes that matter most to your business, and create happy, engaged staff. Are you ready to discover where you are in your wellbeing journey?

  • Fact-based approach

    We value data that generates true insight and creates clarity of goals, direction and choices.

  • Co-pilot

    We partner with you to design the most effective programmes and improve business outcomes.

  • Effective

    We provide and implement bespoke initiatives that demonstrate long-lasting, measurable success.

  • Pragmatic

    We are senior coaches who bring significant real-world experience and know that the best strategy is one that works.

Our Team

Dr Suzanne Henwood
Dr Suzanne Henwood
Suzanne is a highly sought after author, trainer, coach and keynote speaker. She specialises in research, leadership, communication, personal excellence, deep transformational change and dealing with workplace stress. Suzanne is an NLP Coach and Trainer, an ACT facilitator, a Mindfulness Facilitator, a Map of Meaning facilitator and an mBIT Master Coach and Master Trainer.
Sarah Carruthers
Sarah Carruthers
Sarah is an internationally recognised transformational coach, trainer, speaker, entrepreneur and high performance athlete. Certified trainer of mBIT, Master Coach, HNLP, hypnosis, mindfulness and neuroscience. Sarah works across a wide range of areas including positive change, wellbeing, communication, leadership and high performance. She has worked with CEOs, millionaires, world-class athletes, life coaches, mothers and other high-achieving individuals.
Our Associates
Our Associates
We have access to some of the world’s best minds and research that we collaborate with as and when needed.



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