Creating a world where people flourish at work.


The Healthy Workplace is on a mission to create a world where each and every person is empowered to flourish at work.

We spend a considerable amount of our lives in the workplace so it makes sense to make this time as positive and comfortable as we possibly can, giving ourselves every opportunity to not just survive, but thrive in the workplace. But many of us are not that lucky.

Too many people work in jobs they dislike and for people that make them unhappy. According to a 2015 Gallup report, there are twice as many ‘actively disengaged’ workers in the world as there are ‘engaged’ workers who like their jobs. Only 13% of workers feel a sense of passion for their work. The vast majority of us are not engaged spending over half our waking lives disliking our jobs, sleepwalking through the day, doing the minimum required, killing time, thinking about the next break or with little or no management support. More importantly 73% of us regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress which costs $330 billion per year to employers in stress related health care and missed work. And for Millennials this figure appears to be even higher. We believe there must be more to work than being stressed and just getting by!

We believe everyone should be able to find a workplace in which challenge, engagement, meaning and satisfaction are the norm.

We help individuals flourish at work - to enable them to arrive at work in the morning with a spark of energy, passion and excitement about the learning and growth opportunities unfolding. To help them proactively develop resilience and thrive in the midst of adversity. To enable them to optimise their performance maximising pleasure, profitability and productivity. And to help leaders excel in turbulent and changing times. We enable people to get the best out of their work and life by giving them tools to flourish.


“You can always do more than you think you can” ~ John Wooden, UCLA Coach

If you were to realise even more of your potential, what would the next step be and how would you get there? Whatever your ‘where’ is - improving relationships, managing change, developing leadership, finding a new passion for life and work, discovering your purpose, communicating exquisitely, increasing sales, influencing others, developing excellent service, having greater confidence - our 25 year training and consulting pedigree has taught us the components that need to align in order to execute the how. It is our pleasure to partner with you to fast track your journey to success.

  • Creativity

    Fresh insights, smart and insightful advice.

  • Passion

    We genuinely care and want to make a huge difference.

  • Collaboration

    Working in partnership with clients and with each other.

  • Pioneering

    We are courageous, creative and relentless in our search of new ways to thrive.

Our Team

Dr Suzanne Henwood
Dr Suzanne Henwood
Suzanne is a highly sought after writer, trainer, coach and presenter. Specialises in research, leadership, communication, personal excellence and dealing with workplace stress. Suzanne is an NLP Coach and Trainer, a Mindfulness Facilitator, a Map of Meaning facilitator and an mBIT Master Coach and Master Trainer.
Sarah Carruthers
Sarah Carruthers
Sarah is an internationally recognised transformational coach, trainer, speaker and entrepreneur. Certified trainer of HNLP, which integrates hypnosis, neuro-linguistics, quantum theory and neuroscience. Sarah works across a wide range of areas including positive change, wellbeing, communication, leadership and personal performance.
We have access to some of the world’s best minds and research that we collaborate with as and when needed.



We have two great courses running in September. For more info see below or email

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We have two great courses running in September. For more info see below or email