WOF: Wellness Objectivity Factor 

Every day, employees and their leaders face many challenges that keep them from engaging fully with their work and reaching their potential. In order to equip them with the right skills to overcome these obstacles, you need to evaluate your company’s current position to find out what’s actually impacting on the stress, resilience, communication and wellbeing of your staff.  This provides you with the key information as to where support is needed most.

 The goal of an Organisational WOF is to help: 

  • Calculate a resilience, stress, communication and wellness baseline. 
  • Identify and prioritise issues and challenges. 
  • Develop a customised training plan and strategy with clear actions on how to improve. 
  • Focus resources and attention in the right place. 
  • Track progress, measure ROI and improvements over time. 
  • Suggest subsequent work to be undertaken.


Measurable areas include: 

From the WOF report we can then work out the best strategy and put together customised training – such as workshops, team or one on one coaching, videos, learning opportunities – that suits the specific needs of the organisation and its employees. Ideally, further WOF’s are undertaken at regular intervals thereby measuring improvements and highlighting any other opportunities for development.

The Healthy Workplace can help equip each of your employees to learn and discover the skills they need to overcome obstacles, increase agility, gain adaptive capacity, facilitate collaboration, enhance productivity and thrive at work.  Please contact sarah@thw.nz or suzanne@thw.nz for more information.