Modern neuro-science has shown that by practicing various meditation, mindfulness and brain techniques it is possible to reduce stress, enhance mental clarity and balance, free up attention, and increase focus and self-awareness.  Top companies and leaders (including Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Nike, LinkedIn) are creating better cultures and increased productivity by populating their organisations with people that operate with greater conscious awareness and less on autopilot.

Productivity rests on focused human attention.” ~ Dr. Jeremy Hunter, Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of

We have a range of Corporate Mindfulness, Mediation and brain entrainment programmes that teach business people tools for focus, self-awareness and resilience.   These can be offered either in weekly 60 minute sessions, as part of a two day course or in bespoke training for your company.  Benefits from these practices include:

  • Cultivating a clear and focused state of being.
  • Feeling calm, peaceful, centred and relaxed.
  • Get into flow states more easily, creating space for new insight and innovation.
  • Answers and insights to questions you have been pondering.
  • Enhanced creativity and ability to problem solve.
  • Better handling of complexity and ambiguity.
  • Boost resilience and performance under stress
  • Ability to effortlessly focus and concentrate on multiple tasks and activities
  • Improvement in personal and professional relationships.
  • Eradication of unproductive habits and adoption of new ones.
  • Your goals being achieved quickly & easily.
  • More skilfully manage energy, emotions and negative self-talk.
  • Improved quality of sleep.
  • Experience greater physical, emotional and mental health.

“In my own sessions of 20 minutes, 15 minutes is letting the mud in the water settle, and the last five minutes is where I feel the most benefit….done consistently, my reward for meditating is getting 30 – 50% more done in a day with 50% less stress.  Why? Because I have already done a warm-up in recovering from distraction; my morning sit.  If I later get distracted or interrupted during work hours, I can return to my primary task far more quickly and completely.”

~ Tim Ferris