Effective team working brings about sustainable growth in quality, innovation, market share and profitability. In high-performing teams all the relationships within the team work well, all members have a clear focus and understand and align with, their own and their company’s goals and needs.

Our coaches work with your senior teams to help build effective relationships and understand the team dynamics. The aim of team coaching work is to enable your team to have higher quality conversations in safe environments.  From good conversations come genuine collaboration, good ideas, decisions and direction. We also work with teams who have entered into a crisis phase due to communication breakdowns, poor performance or a change of circumstance – helping them to turn things around quickly and sustainably.

The first step is to establish where the team is starting from – normally by speaking with each team member about the issues they see and what they identify as the required outcomes.  We then work with the whole team, observing and reviewing existing processes, such as in regular meetings and interactions. Transparent feedback enables your top teams to understand how the way they relate to each other helps or hinders effective working.

Through these reviews, our coaches support your teams to implement the recommended changes, combining this work with one-to-one executive coaching where helpful. The work that follows can then take a variety of forms according to specific need – facilitated discussions, learning set activities, team building projects, skill-building seminars etc. Whatever the approach, we have an enviable track record for delivering positive change and ongoing development, with a range of consultants to draw on to ensure your specific needs are met.

Benefits of our team coaching service:

  • Bring awareness of team dynamics
  • Re-focus and re-energise individuals and the group.
  • Align the team to values and purpose of the organisation
  • Re-establish responsibilities and roles.
  • Build trust and confidence
  • Foster a ‘Circle of Safety’ to enable your team to thrive
  • Improve relationships and team dynamics.
  • Facilitate genuine collaboration, connection and enhance wellness.
  • Take control of their challenges and issues, creating solutions together to enhance productivity and profitability and service excellence.
  • Accelerate change, flexibility and transition.
  • Transform team performance.
  • Perform as an inspiring, top team.
  • Enable individuals and the team to discover their own solutions to problems.
  • Unlock both individual and collective potential.
  • Become increasingly engaged in the company.