How would you describe your workplace culture?  Would your employees say the same thing?  We help create workplace cultures where each and every person is empowered to flourish at work: Cultures based on trust, co-operation, collaboration, open communications and a shared purpose supported by the right values and behaviour.

Over 70% of company transformations fail to deliver their intended ROI.  We can help you identify issues within your workplace and create an action plan to address them to make sure you sit within the other 30%.

“If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff will take care of itself.”

~Tony Hsieh, CEO,

Companies don’t work effectively when business strategy and employees are not aligned.  We are experts in the ‘people side’ of organisational transformation and can help:

  • Create organisational and cultural diagnostics and assessments tailored to your business.
  • Obtain employee buy-in for fundamental changes in the business.
  •  Identify why your business is under performing e.g. low morale, lack of engagement, dissatisfaction, lack of safety etc.
  • Review leadership and team dynamics.
  • Support the development of new styles of leadership required for fast changing times.
  • Help staff be engaged and aligned with new legislative processes and procedures.
  • Design a set of beliefs and behaviours which align employees with strategy.
  • Align business strategy with the people who will deliver it.
  • Develop leadership of a strong culture and employee engagement.
  • Maintain or create a competitive advantage.
  • Minimise the risk of losing talented employees.
  • Boost employee performance.
  • In-depth evaluation processes that measure the lasting impact of our work together and demonstrate return on investment.
  • Provide an end-to-end service to support you through change.

“Cultures can be diagnosed best by the work behaviors they promote. Do people collaborate easily? Do they make decisions individually or in groups? Are they open with their information? Do they reflect on successes and failures and learn from them?”

~ Jon Katzenbach and Ashley Harshak, Booz&Co. “Stop Blaming Your Culture” Strategy+Culture, Issue 62, Spring 2011

Some of the activities in our process include:

Assess current culture. 

The first step is to establish the starting point – a snapshot survey assessment of you’re the current culture in your company or organization and how well the culture supports your strategy, mission, vision and values.  We help you to identify; what should stay; what should go; and what’s missing.

Crowd-source perspective on key priorities.

We then use this data to begin a top-down and bottom-up dialog with senior leaders and a cross section of employees across all levels, functions and locations.  From these discussions, we identify two – three focus areas to be leveraged to bring about the desired cultural transformation e.g. leadership development, training, recognition, accountability etc.

Envision a new culture. 

We spend time helping you visualise success – to understand in detail what the improved company culture will look and feel like and what specific behaviours will produce positive changes.  This insight is then distilled down to a list of a maximum of ten attributes and becomes the blueprint for what you want to create.  This is rapidly shared with everyone and alignment created.

Model the culture you want to create.

Behaviour change, leads to attitude change.  In the 1950s, psychologist Leon Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance argued that when people are encouraged to act in new ways (even if those new behaviours feel unfamiliar or wrong at first) their need for consistency gradually affects the way they think and feel. After a while, they begin to seek out reasons to justify their new actions – both rationally and emotionally.

Our next step is therefore to spend time helping to create everyday initiatives, behaviours, systems and processes that employees can easily understand and model that will bring about change.  By helping create simple and powerful behaviours we narrow the focus and can relatively quickly create a high trust and highly engaged culture.  In the words of Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  We make these behaviours measurable, facilitating feedback, learning and adjustment where needed.

“Repeated behaviors have cultural impact because they are contagious. People unconsciously imitate what they see others do… Even small changes in behavior, if they are picked up by more than one individual, can ripple through an organization as others see their value and begin to act accordingly.” 

~ Jon Katzenbach and Ashley Harshak, Booz&Co. “Stop Blaming Your Culture” Strategy+Culture, Issue 62, Spring 2011

The CEO’s role is key in this too.  We help support the CEO in their role as catalyst helping them create connection, collaboration, and alignment across the organisation.  We help them work with the existing managers and draw on people who share the vision. We enable them to change their approach energetically to naturally and inspirationally bring others along with them.

Pulse the organisation quarterly

We also care about long term implementation and effectiveness – so we identify key action indicators to ensure that the right actions are being taken, allowing for course correction as needed. We remain in relationship with you – supporting you through to the outcomes you desire.

Every organisation is unique, with a range of strengths and skills. Our end to end service allows you to take a pick and mix approach. We can contribute as much or as little as you need of the overall solution, working in partnership with you to deliver your desired result.

“Culture can become the a ‘secret weapon; that makes extraordinary things happen.”

~ Jon Katzenbach, Booz&Co