From events we offer publicly, which are designed to meet needs perceived in the current workplace – to individually tailored in house courses – we know you will find something of value in what we offer.

Our offerings are available globally (delivered in English)

Examples of workshops include:

  • Practical Stress Management
  • Developing Excellence in Communication
  • Current Thinking in leadership: Leading in complex, changing times
  • Reflective Practice: Making it work in practice
  • Presenting to Impress: Making the right impression
  • Thriving at work: enjoying what I do everyday
  • Setting yourself up for success: creating the year at work you want
  • Bespoke or interactive, online training courses on a variety of small business topics. public trainings that energise and up skill
  • Map of Meaning – finding meaning and purpose at work
  • One Day Introduction to Business Psychology
  • Seven Day Business NLP Practitioner
  • The neuro-plasticity of feeling good and high performance

What sets our training apart?  Our global trainings are designed to provide far more than motivation, a great experience, a few new thought processes and new information. They literally help the delegate learn in an accelerated manner, a new set of tools and skills which otherwise they would have spent years looking to acquire so that they can make positive change in their own work environment.  We focus on real impact – improved service delivery and enhanced business results.

In house and Bespoke Workshops

We often get asked if we can come to a workplace and teach a whole group of staff. This can be a cost effective way of supporting many staff and ensuring a culture of development is promoted locally.

The cost of each event includes consultation to ensure the activities are designed to meet local need.

We truly believe in training disciplines in which we are well versed, experienced and proficient in to ensure that we only ever provide the highest quality training. Where we cannot provide that expertise within our core team we work with a range of highly qualified associates to ensure your needs are met, managed in one programme, releasing you of the project management that would otherwise be required to cover a broad skills base.

Areas to consider include:

  • MANAGING YOURSELF: Managing your time, Self development, Delegation, Personal goals, Communication skills, Decision making, Problem solving, Your personality type, Understanding you, Stress Management.
  • MANAGING OTHER PEOPLE: Team skills, Motivation, Coaching, Performance management, Undertaking appraisals, Hiring the right employee, Understanding personality types, Sales Training, Dealing with change, Conflict resolution and prevention, Autonomy & control.
  • LEADERSHIP: Emotional intelligence, The role model, Situational leadership, Building high performance teams, Styles of leadership, Structure for success, Succession
  • RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT: Building rapport, Listening skills, Questioning skills, High yield questions, Negotiating, Networking, Preparation, Gaining referrals.

Our past clients include Blue Chip companies, healthcare, SMEs and individuals.



We are also developing a range of eLearning opportunities which can be studied in your own time, in your own place, at your own pace, giving total flexibility, while maintaining our passion about quality and excellence in learning and development delivery.



The Healthy Workplace is proud to offer large scale conferences, bringing together workers from a range of disciplines and organisational styles to facilitate high level networking opportunities, alongside excellence in content delivery.

Working in collaboration with an events management team, we ensure you have excellent service from the moment of first enquiry, through to saying farewell on the day. Not that we say farewell – we hope that once you have experienced one of our events, you stay connected in our learning community for life.

Examples include:

Thriving @ Work in disruptive times (



The new field of mBraining was launched in 2012, with the first ever Coach Certification training in New Zealand.  At The Healthy Workplace we have one of only six Master Trainers (and one of only two globally who hold both Master Trainer and Master Coach certification) in mBraining on our team to ensure you can access the full range of mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Training at the highest possible level.  Courses include:

  • Evolve your world – a 2 day personal evolution seminar
  • LDM (Leadership Decisions Making) – a 2 day leadership course
  • mBIT Coach Certification Training – 4 day licensed mBIT Coaching course
  • mBIT Coach Trainers Certification Training – a 6 day course which enables you to train mBIT Coaches
  • mBIT Master Coach (working closely with Grant Soosalu – co developer of mBraining)