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Heart-focused breathing to reduce stress.

Research at HeartMath has shown that Heart-Focused Breathing can help people quickly reduce stress.  In just 30 seconds, you can intentionally shift yourself out of tension and anxiety into a relaxed, clear-minded state.

  1. Heart Focus.  Focus your attention in the area of your heart. It can help to physically put your hand over your heart.
  2. Heart Breathing.  As you focus on the area of your heart, pretend that you are breathing through your heart.  Pretend your breathing is flowing in and out through that area.  breathe slowly and gently…in through your heart to a count of 6, and out through your heart to a count of 6…until your breathing feels smooth and balance, not forced,  As you continue to breathe with ease for a few moments, you will find a natural rhythm that feels good where the in breath and out breath are the same amount of time each.
  3. Heart Feeling.  Continue to breathe through the area of your heart and find a positive feeling, like appreciation, care or compassion. You can recall a time you felt appreciation or care to make it easier to find a positive feeling now. This could be the appreciation or care you have towards a special person, a place you enjoy, or an activity that was fun.

Heartmath have shown that when you practice steps 2 & 3, there is a calm and balancing effect on your entire nervous system.  It helps stabilise your emotions and starts to recharge your energy.  Then you’re less stressed and can think better, perform better and have more fun.  This is a great exercise to do whenever you feel nervous, anxious, strained, irritated or just out of sorts.  It will help your mind and body get back in sync and recoup drained emotional energy.  It will help you feel more ease and inner clarity.  I suggest you practice it every morning and evening – like meditation.   For more info go to https://www.heartmath.com/quick-coherence-technique/


Why we work

We’ve long been taught that the reason we work is primarily for a paycheck. In fact, we’ve shaped much of the infrastructure of our society to accommodate this belief. Then why are so many people dissatisfied with their work, despite healthy compensation? And why do so many people find immense fulfilment and satisfaction through “menial” jobs? Barry Schwartz has spent many years exploring why so many believe that the goal for working should be to earn money, how we arrived to believe that paying workers more leads to better work, and why this has made our society confused, unhappy, and has established a dangerously misguided system.

Ultimately, Schwartz proves that the root of what drives us to do good work can rarely be incentivized, and that the cause of bad work is often an attempt to do just that.

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