From events we offer publicly – which are designed to meet perceived needs in the current workplace – to individually tailored in-house courses, we know you will find something of value in what we offer.


Workshops typically run over multiple days and/or have follow-up sessions to help people secure new ways of thinking and habits that last.


Overview of our six core sessions:

  1. Nine to thrive: from stress to resilience.
  2. Thriving tribes: developing high performing teams.
  3. Compassionate communication: managing conflict and dealing with difficult people.
  4. Creating a positive and healthy workplace free from bullying and harassment.
  5. Thriving while managing change.
  6. Optimising personal productivity and time management.


  1. Nine to Thrive: From stress to resilience

Our applied neuroscience and evidence-based programme gives your employees a set of simple and effective experiential exercises to help reduce stress, increase resilience, optimise neuro-connections and add more joy into their work.  There are ten modules in total, each filled with practical tools and proven brain ‘hacks’ that fit into even the busiest work schedule. Nine to Thrive also includes practical methods for aligning and integrating heart, head and gut wisdom, as often stress can come from conflict within yourself.



  • Reduce neurological stress and learn to turn off the ‘worry’ centres of your brain.
  • Quickly enter a state of mindful awareness enabling you to remain calm and clear through any problem.
  • Feel in control and increase your ability to cope in stressful situations.
  • Relieve ‘embodied’ stress that has particularly negative health impacts.
  • Increase awareness, focus, concentration and motivation.
  • Strengthen your relationships.
  • Boost creativity and ability to solve problems.
  • Discover how to positively affect your biochemistry and integrate more joy into your day.
  • Increase productivity.


Duration: Two-day workshop or ten sessions with self-directed assignments.


#2. Thriving tribes: developing high performing teams

Facilitating and supporting teams rather than individuals is a bit more complicated due to the politics, personalities, skill levels and multiple preferences involved. It involves honing both individual skills plus the group’s talents and helping the team find an outcome that works for all. The process generally begins by confidentially hearing from individuals, one on one. We then feedback themes, agree which ones to focus on and develop and plan an intervention.



  • Get to the bottom of what’s holding a team back and causing friction.
  • Evaluate strengths, issues and blind spots.
  • Articulate the team’s common goals, vision and individual accountabilities.
  • Learn to have more courageous conversations.
  • Experience creative ways to overcome obstacles, generate innovative solutions and deliver optimal results.
  • Utilise each other’s strengths and cover each other’s weaknesses without resentment.


Duration: Two days plus one-on-one coaching as needed.


#3. Compassionate communication: managing conflict and dealing with difficult people

Research shows that we are surprisingly unskilled when it comes to communicating with others: we often talk too much, choose our words without thought and fail to pay attention to the subtle effects of physical gestures, facial expressions, pace and tone of voice – elements that are often more important than what we say.


Compassionate communication was originally developed by Mark Waldman and Andy Newberg to help couples build intimacy and resolve conflicts. It has now been successfully tested in boardrooms and proved effective at building stronger and more cooperative teams; stimulating deep empathy and trust; improving conflict resolution; helping to respectfully and compassionately get your point across and deliver difficult news. We are excited to be the only company offering this course in New Zealand.



  • Learn how your brain gets in the way of effective communication.
  • Find out what causes ‘difficult’ behaviours and how to manage them.
  • Spot the flashpoints for difficult conversations and learn practical steps to defuse them.
  • Create an intentional state of awareness by staying relaxed, present and positive.
  • Turn any verbal conflict into a productive conversation within minutes.
  • Learn the twelve simple steps to effective communication.


Duration: One day plus one-on-one coaching as needed.


#4. Creating a positive and healthy workplace free from bullying and harassment

New Zealand has the second-highest rate of workplace bullying in the OECD with an estimated one in five Kiwis feeling like targets. The mental impact of bullying is well known with strong links to anxiety, depression, PTSD and even suicide. It also places the body under physical stress causing anything from headaches to muscle pain, stomach problems, increased blood pressure and weight fluctuation. Bullying is a huge issue which needs to be stopped.


Since 2015 the Health and Safety Act requires employers to take responsibility for psychological and physical health. This Healthy Workplace workshop will offer advice and support around the awareness and responsibilities of actioning the Act as well as practical guidelines for the prevention of bullying and harassment.



  • Learn to recognise and describe harassment and bullying behaviours.
  • Understand why and how bullying occurs.
  • Define what equality and fairness mean in practical terms.
  • Discover what makes people feel ‘valued’ or ‘devalued’ in the workplace.
  • Recognise how to act effectively and proactively in order to amend behaviour.
  • Be able to deal firmly with all incidents of workplace bullying, remembering there are always at least two parties involved.
  • Create a set of good practice guidelines for prevention.


Duration: One day plus one-on-one coaching as needed.


#5. Thriving while managing change

The uncertainty, complexity and constant change that are so much part of today’s working life leave many people overwhelmed, exhausted and demotivated. Often the stress comes not from tasks themselves, but from thoughts and worries about deadlines, expectations and potential results. This programme will help you understand the challenges facing you and the need for a far more generative and sustainable response that supports a future-proofed workplace.



  • Understand the nature of change and how to use it to improve your life.
  • Learn the most effective, scientifically proven strategies that proactively deal with challenges and imposed change.
  • Explore the link between your beliefs, behaviours and results (including fixed vs growth mindset).
  • Develop a customised set of tools for problem-solving and critical thinking that work under pressure.
  • Work with examples from your own business and learn to thrive through change.


Duration: One day workshop plus one-on-one coaching as needed.


#6. Optimising personal productivity and time management

An overloaded ‘not enough time’ culture impairs business performance. Unexpected tasks compete with existing workloads, while long working hours and work overload reduce productivity. This one-day workshop will help you identify the common behaviours preventing you from managing your workload and time effectively. You’ll learn the difference between productive and non-productive time, and how to quickly feel back in ‘control’.



  • Improve your people and time management using the latest neuroscience techniques.
  • Train your brain to respond differently to pressure and distractions.
  • Prioritise, focus and plan time even more effectively.
  • Beat procrastination for good.
  • Set daily rituals for increased productivity.
  • Learn ways to deal with time wasters and interruptions – and stay focused.
  • Plan your next 30 days in detail including how to deliver to deadlines and be able to switch off and relax.


Duration: One day workshop plus one-on-one coaching as required.



The new field of mBraining was launched in 2012, with the first-ever Coach Certification training occurring in New Zealand.  At The Healthy Workplace, we have one of only six Master Trainers in mBraining (and one of only two globally who hold both Master Trainer and Master Coach certification) on our team to ensure you can access the full range of mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Training at the highest possible level.


Courses include:

  • Evolve your world – a 2-day personal evolution seminar.
  • mBodied Wisdom – a course to explore how we embody emotion.
  • LDM (Leadership Decision Making) – a 2-day leadership course.
  • mBIT Coach Certification Training – a 4-day licensed mBIT Coaching course.
  • mBIT Coach Trainers Certification Training – a 6-day course which enables you to train mBIT Coaches.
  • mBIT Master Coach.
  • mBIT Trainers Training.


We truly believe in training disciplines in which we are well versed, experienced and proficient, to ensure that we only ever provide the highest quality training. When we cannot provide that expertise within our core team, we work with a range of highly-qualified associates to ensure your needs are met and managed in one programme, releasing you from the project management that would otherwise be required to cover a broad skills base.



We are also developing a range of eLearning opportunities which can be studied in your own time, in your own place, at your own pace, giving total flexibility, while maintaining our passion about quality and excellence in learning and development delivery.



The Healthy Workplace is proud to offer large-scale conferences, bringing together workers from a range of disciplines and organisational styles to facilitate high-level networking opportunities, alongside excellence in content delivery.


Working in collaboration with an events management team, we ensure you have excellent service from the moment of first enquiry, through to saying farewell on the day. Not that we say farewell forever – we hope that once you have experienced one of our events, you stay connected in our learning community for life. Examples include Thriving @ Work in disruptive times (